Live Cricket Streaming

Cricket is the second most popular sport on the planet. Right after Football, Cricket has a global fan base of 2billion. That’s a pretty big audience. Although everyone wants to enjoy the game in the stadium, not everyone will get the tickets. Well cause of so much big audience. So while most of us can watch it from tv, not everyone is lucky enough to¬† have the comfort of the home on the matchday. So what do you do to enjoy live cricket streaming?

Download Potato Streams

Live cricket streaming

Potato Streams can stream live sports anytime, anywhere for free. Yes that includes Cricket. So with potato stream you can enjoy live cricket streaming from wherever you are. Live cricket streaming is very easy with Potato Streams.

How to watch Live Cricket Streaming?

We know it is hard to be present at all the international matches. Going to other country, buying tickets and all that takes a lot of money. Well no worries just follow the steps below and enjoy the live cricket streaming on your smartphone, PC/Mac, Firestick/Android Tv.

  • Download the app form the link above.
  • Set it up for the first time.
  • Open the app and Click on Live Events.

  • There you will get a list of live events if there are any.
  • Click on the boxing event you want to enjoy and streaming will begin.
  • If there are no live events you can go to 24×7 Live Channels list to watch any boxing match from any of the channel you like.

  • See I told you its easy.

Which Cricket matches are covered in Potato Streams?

Well we cover all the major matches. You can find them all in the Live Events section. We prioritize the users of our app. Majority of them being from UK we particularly focus on cricket games from the United Kingdom. But that does not mean you can not watch matches of teams from other countries. We cover everything from T-20 to world cup. If you for any reason you can’t find any of the match in live events, just go to the 27×7 live channels list. You will find everything there.

If you follow foreign competitions like the Indian Premier League, Big Bash League, etc., Potato Streams can help you with all your live cricket streaming needs in one place. Its all very convenient and free forever, that’s our promise.


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