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Long gone are the days when boxing was just a sport. Boxing has evolved and become a business for the organizers and the boxers. Because of all this we boxing lovers end up paying a hefty price for the live entertainment. If you are also troubled with high live event prices of boxing, don’t worry. We have great solution for you to watch live boxing stream for free.

Watch live Boxing stream

Potato Streams app lets you watch live boxing stream for free right from the comfort of your living room. Every Saturday when the boxing match goes live you can enjoy it on the big screen of your tv with Potato Streams. No need to pay a fortune for few hours of boxing, just for the sake of watching it live. So what are you waiting for download the app to watch live boxing stream.

Download Potato Streams

How to watch live boxing stream using Potato Stream

  • Download the app form the link above.
  • Set it up for the first time.
  • Open the app and Click on Live Events.

  • There you will get a list of live events if there are any.
  • Click on the boxing event you want to enjoy and streaming will begin.
  • If there are no live events you can go to 24×7 Live Channels list to watch any boxing match from any of the channel you like.

  • Yes! It’s that easy.

Now you can install the app on PC/Mac, Firestick, or any Android Tv. We have in depth installation guides for all.

Can’t I just buy the subscription for the live events?

For sure you can if you have the money just laying around. Subscription ranges from almost £8 for a day pass at Sky Sports to £18 a month for a single channel. BoxNation subscription starts at £11 a month for itself on television or mobile apps. But let me tell the disadvantages of that.

  • You will have to pay every single time, whether you have opted for per day of per month.
  • Not all the matches will happen in one single month. So, you are stuck to pay repeatedly.
  • It’s not worth when there is a free alternative available that provides the same quality as paid services.

Features of Potato Streams Live Boxing Stream

Now let me tell you the features you will get once you start using Potato Streams to watch Live Boxing Stream. Our selection of match depends on the popularity of the match. But usually we stream them all.

  • Live Boxing Matches.
  • Notification for boxing events that are live.
  • Streams for other popular sports in the UK.
  • Schedule of major upcoming boxing streams.
  • News and updates for your favourite events.
  • Optimized streams for all internet speeds.
  • Support for a range of devices.

If for some reason you can’t find your match in the live events section. Just go to the channels list and look for Sky sports and in there, Sky Sports Boxing. There you can catch any live boxing match anytime, anywhere.


Potato Streams is a great way to save some bucks and watch live boxing stream from anywhere and anytime. The quality is high definition and all of it is free for forever. You have no restriction on number of devices and type of devices you can access our services. The only thing you need is an internet connection and a screen. Of course, a bowl of popcorns if you want to enjoy it to the fullest. If you have some queries, let us know in the comment section below.

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